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Home Again Jiggety Jig

Bloedel Reserve in the rain

I’ve said farewell to all the gardens of the Seattle area including the beautiful Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island.

And I’ve said farewell to Tacoma

Chihuly bridge

with its amazing Chihuly Bridge.

I’ve stored up memories of my visit with my dear friend Kathryn Galbraith, children’s author extraordinare and her lovely garden.

Kylee Baumie and Kathryn Galbraith

I’ve bid farewell to all the garden bloggers like Kylee of Our Little Acre and my dear friend Kathryn.

Seatac Airport

Now I’m at the  very busy Seatac airport where I got my very first pat-down. Note to all artificial hip travellers: Show your official card BEFORE you go through the security machines! A very nice and informative young woman did the honors. I hope that is the most exciting event of the day. Except for being back in the arms of my beloved.

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