Water and Delight

  • Post published:09/23/2011
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University Village fountain

Our area suffered flooding from Tropical Storm Irene and the storm that followed a week after causing enormous damage as rivers and streams overflowed their banks. We have recovered on our road so today I prefer to think about the gentler water in our gardens that calms and soothes.  Here are some of the the quiet waters I saw in Seattle this summer at the Garden Bloggers Fling.

Michelle and Christopher Epping's Garden
Kate Farley's fountain and pool
Kathryn Galbraith's fountain
Bloedel Reserve Reflecting Pool

Only a big public garden can have a big water feature like this, but most of us can find a way to bring water, reflections – and quiet reflection into our own gardens.



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  1. Thanks for reminding me about Bloedel. A remarkable place, even if kind of low on flowers. Maybe next year I can join the garden tour here in Seattle. So glad you had a good time.

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