Marooned by Irene

  • Post published:08/28/2011
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Signing The Roses at the End of the Road at World Eye Books

The weekend started out happily with my book signing at World Eye Books. I got to meet new readers, and chat with old friends like Bob and Sue Gruen who gave a wonderful talk last night for the Heath Historical Society about weaving in colonial times – and now.

But, by the time we left their talk around 9, Irene’s rains had arrived. Heavy rains on and off  all night continued until noon, then let up somewhat. We didn’t get heavy wind which was a blessing. I thought we had escaped all damage until a friend called to say that Rowe Road, which leads to Knott Road and our house ,was washed out. She said there was no way Henry would get to work on Monday. Later in the afternoon, when the rain was light we set off to survey the damage.  Our bit of road looked fine, but the drainage ditches were tumbling streams. This freshet was bubbling off the hill from our field, into the ditch.

Knott Road

Towards the end of Knott Road where it joins Rowe Road we saw the first washout, and a tree hung up on the power lines. Fortunately, we still have power and phone service.

Rowe Road

The was the first major washout we came to, just before the turn onto Knott Road.

Looking at that same washout from below you can get some sense of the water rushing over a newly revealed giant boulder in the road bed.

Rowe Road

Just a few yards further down the road this is what we saw.  We decided to end our travels in that direction.

This stream on the other side of Rowe Road is usually a sleepy trickle, but not today. My husband was able to check an on-line record of the flow of the Deerfield in Charlemont. The readings there are almost unbelievable.  The river depth is measured at over 16 feet, instead of the normal 4 feet, and the cubic feet per second flow is 20,000 or possibly more, where the usual flow is 600 cubic feet per second.

When we got home from our walk we checked our very informal rain gauge – 7 -3/4 inches since last night.

Over the afternoon we have heard stories about terrible damage in the area, and do indeed count our blessings that End of the Road Farm came through relatively unscathed.

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  1. Rose

    I’m glad to know that you are safe and sound, Pat, and that your home escaped any damage or loss of power. It’s a good thing you are in fact home, because it looks like you may be there for awhile–I wouldn’t want to take a chance driving on Rowe Road! I’ve been watching the news, and Irene looks like very frightening. Thanks so much for sharing and letting us know that you are okay.

  2. Lisa at Greenbow

    Aren’t you glad you got home safe and sound before the big event. Those washouts will take some doing to fix. Be safe.

  3. Pat

    Rose – We are very fortunate. Watching videos of the damage in towns near the rivers has been terrifying.
    Lisa – We are glad to be home and safe. Now we wait to hear how long before we can get out. Fifteen roads in Heath washed out.

  4. Nan

    Incredible photos! There are some roads washed out but none near us. We had a little wind and a fair bit of rain, but no trouble. Glad your house is okay. Love the picture of you signing!

  5. Carolflowerhill

    Gosh Pat! I did not see anything like this kind of damage! Great shots! So glad you got home safe. Again . . . Congratulations on your book!!

  6. Pat

    Carol – Fortunately there was no real damage done near the house. The book is doing well which is very exciting.

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