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My First Book Signing

Book signing at the Heath Fair, The Roses at the End of the Road

The Heath Fair gave me a unique experience this year. In addition to enjoying all the other delights and events, I got to meet and talk to other gardeners who asked me to sign my book, The Roses at the End of the Road, when they bought it.  This was a  thrill for me. The book my family and I had been working on all summer was finally in our hands – and on sale.

Of course, The Roses at the End of the Road has been my project for much more than a few months of summer. The idea of writing a book has been percolating for a long time, but the question was how to focus it. I have no qualifications or interest in writing a how-to book. I saw no benefit to trying to collect The Best of 30 Years of Garden Columns. Nix that. Finally the obvious subject revealed itself, the hardy roses that I have been tending for 30 years.  The subject is not how to grow them, but how I have grown in the company of the roses, with my family and among fascinating neighbors. My chickens play a part, a very small part. Please note – I have had chickens for 30 years — before they were chick. I mean chic!

I will be signing books again on Saturday, August 27 at World Eye Books between 11 am – 1 pm. Actually, my husband Henry who did the wonderful drawings will be with me, adding his signature. Two for the price of one. I am looking forward to meeting more rose lovers, lovers of country living, and hearing their stories.



4 comments to My First Book Signing

  • Lisa at Greenbow

    Congrats Pat. Your book sounds wonderful. I would love to purchase one with you and your husband’s autograph. How can I do this??

  • Congratulations! It really is quite an accomplishment to publish a book. I’d love to have a copy too. How do I go about acquiring one?

  • I look forward to reading that book Dear Pat. I see you are smiling as always. I know you had fun with this assignment.

  • Pat

    Lisa and Alison – If you click on the My Book button you will have all the info you need to send a check or use PayPal. With my address. Let me know how you want the book inscribed.
    Layanee -I did have fun, and more fun tomorrow at World Eye Books.

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