Winter Landscapes

  • Post published:01/04/2010
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Knott Road

The recent days have been the coldest (3 degrees) and windiest (40 mile gusts) we have experienced so far this winter. Snow showers every day have kept the landscape pure and white in the  Knott Road landscape. We live at the End of the Road, which we always say is not much of a road, but the road crew keeps it in good shape all year long.

Rowe Road

Knott Road is a spur off Rowe Road which leads from Route 8A to the neighboring town of Rowe.

I love the drive – or walk – through the Rowe Road woods to get to our house. It is beautiful in every season. I was very confused when we first moved here because Rowe Road is one of several in our town that has two names. If you enter from 8A, it is Rowe Road, but if you enter at the other end in the town of Rowe, the road sign says Dell Road. The Dell is the slight flattening of the Heath’s general hillside where there is a former mill (now a residence) and millpond. Sheila is now our Farmer in the Dell with her flock of three goats and cheesemaking operation.

Sastrugi and the Sunken Garden

When you get to our house at the End of the Road, where the plow turns around, we are surrounded by open fields to the west and north. The winds blow and the drifts falling into the Sunken Garden are sculpted into sastrugi.

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  1. Tinky

    GORGEOUS pix! I’m glad it’s a little warmer today, though. Truffle and I are heading out for a stroll while the sun is still out.

  2. Frances

    Lovely sastrugi, Pat! You have captures their essence well, wisping movement, like waves on the ocean. Your roads sound very private, surrounded by nature’s beauty. 🙂

  3. Pat

    Tinky – I’m glad its warmer too, but the wind continues to make sastrugi.
    Frances – We are very private, and live amid great beauty – for which I take very little credit. Mother Nature has done almost all.

  4. Lisa at Greenbow

    I would love to live at the end of Knott Road. I used to live on a road that had two names. It all depended upon who you talked to as to what it was called. Beautiful sastrugi. A new word for me. Beautiful.

  5. Rose

    Thank you for introducing me to a new word–sastrugi. We have not had nearly as much snow as you, so there are no sastrugi here, but I’m sure before winter is over we will see these sculpted waves. Such beautiful photos! The House at the End of the Road sounds so poetic–it would make a good book title!

  6. Pat

    Lisa – The End of the Road is a great place to live! And I love the word sastrugi.
    Rose – I love finding new words. I am collecting titles – for that someday book.

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