Winter has arrived

  • Post published:12/21/2008
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Winter is officially here. Last week my daughter said she was tired of winter, and it hadn’t even started yet. Krishna is knee deep in snow, but he prefers it to the ice that left many people in our town without power or phones for eight days.

We had substantial snow Friday but yesterday it just flurried. Early this morning it began again and is falling, falling falling.

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  1. Yolanda

    It looks very cold there much like here right now.Stay warma and safe.

  2. Hocking Hills Gardener

    Wow, it can stop snowing anytime.Are you ready to say uncle yet?

  3. Darla

    I should say winter has arrived!!

  4. Powell River Books

    We’ve got snow but no where near that much! It is unusual to be so cold here on the coast and the snow has been sticking around for a week, with maybe another one to go. Since I grew up in a non-snow environment it is fun to have some of the stuff for Christmas. But I’m not sure I could take a whole winter of it. – Margy

  5. Pat Leuchtman

    Yolanda – The woodstove is very comforting.
    Hocking Hills – We’ve just begun!
    Darla – We try and concentrate on the beauty.
    Powell River – It is 8 degrees this am and the breezes are blowing. I dream of the Northwest.

  6. Lisa at Greenbow

    Oh my gosh CW. This is what I call snow. I am glad you are warm and cozy in front of the computer.

    The funny thing is that the word verification on this post is ‘strain’. Ha… I hope you aren’t in too much of a strain.

  7. Frances

    Hi Pat, while the snow is lovely, I don’t envy you those temps. We have had a cold snap here too, in the teens with windchill near zero, but it will warm up soon. No snow to make it prettier either. Hope you are safe, warm and cozy for this holidays! Merry Christmas!

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