Winter Views – Three for Thursday

  • Post published:01/27/2011
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7:30 am January 27, 2011

Another snowfall left another 5 inches of powdery snow. The plow was here at 6:30. No excuse for a lie in. This is the view from my south bedroom window.

With all these frequent snows the fields remain pristine and white. This is the view from the west bedroom window.

Me and the cat

This is how I spend the first half hour of the morning, winter or summer, with my coffee and a book. My chair is right near the woodstove. This is the view from my husband’s chair.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    This looks like the best thing to be doing while all is blanketed with snow. Love your lap warmer.

  2. Pat

    Lisa – the lap warmer works in the evening, too.

  3. Tinky

    Our plow sometimes comes at 6:30, but I just stick my head under the covers. Still, if I had someone to light the fire for me, I MIGHT get up and ready by 8:30 or so…. Aren’t cats a comfort?

  4. Leslie

    Lovely! Although I say that as a Californian who is not snowed in!

  5. Pat

    Tinky – Cats are a comfort, and I have to say I really treasure that early quiet hour, winter and summer.
    Leslie – It is beautiful and as long as temperatures stay in double digits I don’t complain. Especially when there isn’t much wind.

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