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Worms in the Kitchen

My worms

You have to look really close, but the worms are more than surviving in my worm bin, which I said I would never keep in my kitchen. I was afraid of fruit flies.

When it was time to bring the worm bin in from outside  in September I put them in the Great Room which is not heated except for lots of solar gain during the day, that kept temperatures above 50 at night. That did not last. It still seemed too early to put the bin in the cellar which is 50 degrees pretty much all year, so, against all resolutions, I put the bin next to my kitchen area.  No smell, but I knew that. No fruit flies. So it stayed there – until time for the Christmas tree.

For a month the bin and worms lived in the 50 degree basement, but I knew most of them would be dead by spring if they stayed there.  They are now back,  next to the kitchen, and seem to have come through their cellar sojourn OK.  It’s easy to feed them when they are right there in view. The more they eat  the more worm manure I will get in the spring. I should have more worms, too.

My only question is where will I use my limited supply of this most valuable fertilizer?

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