Martagon Lily

  • Post published:06/08/2011
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For the past couple of weeks I have been looking at a budded plant in the Lawn Grove. It seemed to have lily foliage, but  I couldn’t remember planting lilies in that spot. And I never found time to go back and check my records for last fall.

Lilium martagon "Album"

The other day the buds opened into these beautiful martagon lily blossoms.  But the plant was not quite three feet tall. Is there such a thing as a miniature martagon?

Not exactly. I don’t remember ordering or planting this lovely thing but I can imagine myself falling for a description like this from the Old House Gardens catalog: “As if made by fairies, the tiny, luminous blossoms of this mountain wildflower are, well, bewitching. A cold-loving perennial, it’s slightly bigger, stronger, and some say even lovelier than the purple martagon.”

This  petite white martagon blossom with its recurved petals and golden stamens is fairy-like and I am thrilled to have it. I doubted its name because it is not quite three feet tall. This likely says something about my soil, but maybe it needs another year to mature into that space.  The catalog description does go on to say that this 1601 heirloom “isn’t for beginners.” Obviously that didn’t stop me. However, Heath is a ‘cool spot’ (although we have been promised unseasonal 90 degree temperatures this week) and I have provided filtered sun for part of the day. I can also practice my patience – providing all that OHG says is required.

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  1. Mary Schier

    Nice looking Martagon. Mine are just about to bloom, too, but they are all Claude Shride, a pretty purple one.

  2. Billie Jo

    Beautiful! I just planted some here last year after reading a great article in Northern Gardener magazine. I have that exact variety but I’m zone 3 so I’ll have to be patient and wait a little longer. Love it!

  3. Pat

    Mary – I am going to add more martagons, but I will pay more attention to size.
    Billie Jo – Northern Gardener is a great place to get ideas!

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