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Henry’s Lily and Others

Lilium henryi

Even if I didn’t find this lily beautiful, I would have to have it, because my husband’s name is Henry. I love the reflexed petals. I bought it from Old House Gardens who said  ” We’re big fans of this willowy Chinese wildflower that was brought back by Irish plant collector Augustine Henry from remote limestone gorges in Hupeh. Enhanced by green nectaries and chestnut brown “whiskers,” its golden-orange petals swoop back like the wings of a falcon. Blooms happily in light shade and alkaline soils. Mid-summer, 4-6’” My soil is acid, and it grows in the Herb Bed right in front of the house. Their proximity to the house has saved them from the deer who came and dined on my Casa Blancas just as they were preparing to bloom.

Lilium speciosum rubum

This lily is wonderfully fragrant, and I can enjoy it in the garden – right next to henryi, where the fragrance wafts through the air. The fragrance is a little strong for indoors.

Oriental lily

I am not sure of the name of this lily. I’ll have to look back in the records. It also came from Old House Gardens and the golden throat is a perfect compliment to henryi. I am so glad I put these lilies near the house. They are tall and striking, and healthy. I’m almost afraid to mention it, but I have seen no lily beetles here at the end of the road.

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