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For Henry

White Henryi lily

Last year I bought 3 golden Henryi lilies and 3 white Henryi lilies from Old House Gardens. The reason is obvious. My husband’s name is Henry.  When I was in Buffalo I saw a golden Henryi in Elizabeth Licata’s garden – but I didn’t recognize it because it was at least 6 feet tall!  I guess I have a lot of work to do on my  soil.  My lilies are barely three feet tall and the stems are not very sturdy. So far only the white Henryi is blooming; I can’t wait to see the gold.

4 comments to For Henry

  • Lisa at Greenbow

    I can see why you loved this Henri. It is a strong handsome white. I have found that these lilies grow taller every year. It just takes them several years to get settled. I bet yours will be taller in a couple of years.

  • That’s a lovely color combination. Nice to meet another fan of Old House Gardens. I can easily go broke at that place when it’s time for fall-planted bulbs. 🙂

  • Pat

    Lisa – Thanks for the encouragement. I was hoping it might simply take time for a lily to reach its full potential.
    Kate – I love Old House Gardens! I was away for a family reunion over the weekend and came home to Black Beauty in bloom.

  • What a nice thing to do! I’ll bet he’s proud of them.

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