Chistmas is Over

  • Post published:12/29/2008
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Saturday we went to daughter Betsy’s house for our third family Christmas gathering and we got all the traditional holiday treats. First there was a toy needing assembly. In this case a very simple cat Rolling Rocker. Rory and Tynan are going to the animal shelter this week to choose two kittens and all they wanted was everything about cats. They got a calendar (365 kittens!), two books about cats, kitten napkins, kitten toys and the rolling rocker. They are ready for kittens.

Uncle Chris’ dog Bibi gave the rocker a try, but he is too fat to make it go.

Every family needs an Uncle Chris to play with the nephews and the electronics. Nieces too. Ipods were thick on the ground.

On the other hand surprising things provide a great deal of holiday entertainment. Babies love wrapping paper and boxes. The boys loved the new ottoman with ‘secret’ storage. In and out. Open and closed.

Holidays are exhausting. For everyone. Finally the eating was done, the presents opened, basketball games played in the driveway (temperatures in the 50s), more eating and Rory wrapped himself in his new microfleece blanket (his favorite gift) and took a nap. We left for home, taking Ryan with us to extend our holiday treat.

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