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  • Post published:01/12/2010
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Achillea "The Pearl"

I’m starting to make up my list of Plants to Buy for the spring, and I got stopped right at the first page of the Bluestone Perennials catalog. A is for Achillea or yarrow. I already have “The Pearl” in my garden and I love it. It is pretty in the garden and useful in bouquets.  I have another pink yarrow, but I don’t know the name.

When I first started gardening I was only familiar with the dense deep sulphur yellow Coronation Gold yarrow that is useful in dried arrangements, and the gentler yellow Moonshine. Now Bluestone shows 13 varieties, shades of pink, red, yellow, and white. Coronation Gold and Moonshine are still there, but I think I will go for Paprika.

Achillea "Paprika"

I saw this achillea in a friend’s garden and I knew on the spot that I had to add this. I love the brilliant color, so different from other colors in my garden.  Achilleas are hardy and dependable plants, requiring little care. Just the kind of plant I like!

And Bluestone is a dependable catalong nursery. And no, I didn’t get paid to say that. I’ve bought perennials from Bluestone for years. They sell three smaller plants for little more than some nurseries charge for one. For instance, I can order 3 Paprikas for $14.95, while a single plant at White Flower Farm costs $11.95. I can happily wait for an extra season for the plant to gain that generous size.

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  1. Tinky

    I look forward to seeing the flowers alongside something yummy to eat–maybe chicken paprika? Isn’t it nice to think about things blooming in the future?

  2. Lisa at Greenbow

    I almost dread looking at those catalogs. I get so excited and I can’t do anything yet. I love the ‘pearl’. I might try it this year. I always like a little white to sprinkle through flower arrangements.

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