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Houston Gardens in March 2011

Cindy Tournier and me in Katy, Texas

Two years ago this week we left the cold and muddy landscape of Heath to visit Houston and our daughter Kate and  her family. Because the landscape of Heath is currently cold and snowy I needed to revisit those sunny Houston days. One day we drove out to Cindy’s Corner of Katy to visit her beautiful garden. Flowers everywhere.

A corner of Cindy’s garden

Cindy’s corner  garden is not large, but it is colorful and filled with every kind of flowers. Roses too. So much color. Sun and warmth. And of course, Cindy’s warmth and welcome was the best kind of warmth of all.

Houston rhodies

We got to see many Houston garden because we arrived just in time for the  Houston Opens Gardens Day. This house and garden was also on a corner, and was part of the Open Days tour. My husband chatted with the owner of this garden that was packed with blooming plants, vines climbing up the house walls, and a lovely terrace with a fountain. He asked how long it took to create such a marvel. “Oh, two years,” was the casual reply. What a growing climate Houston has. It also helps if you put in lots of large plants, I think.

A Houston bosque

Nor all Houston gardens are about flowers as much as much as they are about greenery and form. This bosky dell was modelled after one in Paris where the garden owners had spent happy days. There were also LOTS and LOTS of magnificent clipped hedges.

A gardener’s work yard

Of course, Houston gardens, like all gardens need work space. “Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade and saying how beautiful” you know. Kipling knew whereof he spoke. So do all we gardeners. We also know we have to be patient and wait for spring – and summer. I am trying.

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