The Corner in Katy

Cindy on her corner of Katy - with me

Cindy MCOK, lives in Katy which is is not far from Missouri City where my daughter lives. When I told Cindy we were coming to Texas she invited us, my husband, daughter and me, to visit her garden. I thought it would be fun to feature Cindy’s garden on Three for Thursday which she started.  When we first made plans she said she thought the poppies would be in bloom. And they were!  We were still a distance down the street when we saw the riot of pink at the corner, Cindy’s corner.  When I asked what happened when all the seeming hundreds of poppies stopped blooming, she said she pulled up the dead plants to real all the other plants that were hiding and waiting for their day in the sun.

Cindy's back garden

Behind the house Cindy has the most glorious floriferous garden. Poppies, larkspur, roses, bluebonnets and I don’t know what all were in full bloom. It was positively dazzling. She has a fish pond, shrubs, stone and gravel paths, art works and found objects on the walls.  She said, “I guess you can tell I like old rusty things.”

Reve d'Or rose

Cindy has many roses, Souvenir de Malmaison, Old Blush, Carefree Beauty and any number of others, but this particularly caught my eye. Reve d’Or has a gorgeous peachy color and it is a good vigorous rose. Cindy says she periodically hacks it back and it always comes back as strong as ever.  Reve d’Or, Belinda’s Dream, Madame Antoine Mari and Carefree Beauty have all been designated Earth Kind roses by Texas A&M, and they are all thriving in Cindy’s garden. Daughter Kate already has Belinda’s Dream in her garden; it was her first rose. Now she is dreaming of Rose d’Or.  I expect she’ll be making a trip to the Enchanted Forest very soon.

Getting to visit with Cindy and Melissa the Houston Garden Girl have really been highlights of this trip.  Cindy and I reminisced about Buffa10 – and now we are waiting for our next meet-up in Seattle.

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  1. Cyndy

    Pat that does look like a fun visit – I love that Cindy really does have a beautiful corner in Katy! Looking forward to seeing you both in Seattle 🙂

  2. Lisa at Greenbow

    What fun to get to visit a friend’s garden. Riot of color is what looks to describe her garden. It is gorgeous.

  3. Layanee

    What is better than a vacation to other garden bloggers gardens mixed in the itinerary? It is always a treat to see a garden through a different lense. Cindy’s looks great and those poppies! Wow.

  4. Frances

    Thank you for showing us shots from your visit, Pat! I love that you stopped by to visit a fellow blogger’s garden. Those poppies and that rose are especially wonderful. Your daughter needs one, for sure! We, too, are looking forward to seeing and meeting blogging friends in Seattle. 🙂

  5. Gail

    Pat, What fun! I would love to see Cindy’s garden and thank you for the tour. The poppies are magnificent! Oh to have that full sun! It does sound like you all had a great visit~gail

  6. Pat

    Cyndy – It was fun and instructive to visit Cindy. My daughter has lots of inspiration to work with too.
    Lisa -It is a riotous garden all around. Fabulous.
    Layanee – Rhode Island is on my Must Visit list!
    Frances – Making so making good friends is something I never imagined when I began my blog.
    Gail – We have had wonderful visits all through the trip. Today we go back to snow.

  7. Cindy, MCOK

    Pat, I’m so glad you and Henry were able to make the trek out to my corner! Thank you for the kind words: riotous is a great way to describe it at this time of year! Sometimes I swear I can hear the less showy flowers clamoring to be heard over the poppies!

  8. Very cool that corner of Katy, or should I say, “Hot!” I love those poppies. They grow so well for folks in Texas. Here, it’s iffy. I didn’t realize how many roses Cindy has.~~Dee

  9. Pat

    Cindy – Thank YOU for your generous invitation, and all that good hort-talk. We all loved your garden.
    Dee, You may not remember, but it was you who introduced me to Cindy in Buffalo. Thanks!
    Kathy – It was wonderful to taste summer, but it’s back to winter this am.
    MMD – I can’t wait to see you, and all the other bloggers in Seattle for a good visit. In the meantime I enjoy all the virtual visits.

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