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  • Post published:02/17/2009
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My jade plant has overwintered happily in our unheated Great Room for several years, but this past year the room did not maintain temperatures above freezing – and as you can see the plant suffered. However –

when life is short, the instinct is to procreate! A few branches at the top of the plant are blooming. I will be able to start a new plant or two.

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  1. VP

    My jade plant’s in bloom too! I didn’t think it was that happy either, hence the blooms.

    Don’t worry, spring will soon hit New England too and you’ll catch us up with outdoor blooms to show off on Blooms Day 🙂

  2. Pat Leuchtman

    VP – My jade plant has bloomed in that unheated room, as have my Christmas cactus so I think they like the cool (cold) but not the freeze. I brought the cactus into the cool sitting room but the jade plant is just too big.

  3. Darla

    I apparently over water Jade and I have never seen one bloom. Glad you will as I like to say, make more!

  4. Nan

    And I've never been able to grow a jade no matter what room it has been in! :<)

  5. Pat Leuchtman

    Darla, Jade plants can take a lot of drought!
    VP – You and I both know there are mysteries for success – and no success.

  6. Pat Leuchtman

    Nan – Whoops! My fingers just slipped when I typed VP in my last comment. But I guess we all know about mysteries. I think I have had VP on my mind because my newly British cousin who lives in North Warnboroough Hampshire is getting married – but they are coming back to the States for the event.

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