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  • Post published:01/16/2010
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Angel Wing Begonia

Pam Penick over at Digging has instituted Foliage Follow-up to Carol’s popular Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I don’t have many house plants, and I don’t have any that are unusual, but I do like the polka dotted foliage on my angel wing begonia. And its a good thing I like the foliage, because I have gotten very few blooms.  Who has advice for me?

Visit Pam and see who has interesting foliage, bark, etc. indoors and out.

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  1. Pam/Digging

    With those incredible polka-dotted leaves, I don’t know that you even need blooms, Pat. Wow, they’re great!

    Thanks for participating in Foliage Follow-Up!

  2. noel

    i love your angel wing begonia, they look nice and content in your window sill

  3. Pat

    Pam – You’re right. Polka dots are as good as blooms any day. Thanks for inventing Foliage Followup.
    Noel – They are content – and not very demanding.

  4. I am not used to seeing these angel wings begonias – so when I first looked at your pic I thought it was a new type of pulmonaria lol I must make some enquiries to see where I can source some of these begonias.

  5. Tinky

    I love the blooms AND the foliage. Thanks for the winter color!

  6. Lisa at Greenbow

    This is one of my favorite begoinias Pat. A little more sunshine might encourage it to bloom. Some compost tea??

  7. Frances

    Hi Pat, it is lovely. I agree with Lisa, more sun and maybe some fertilizer, sea kelp, etc.

  8. Pat

    Leaves – The begonia does have a pulmonaria look about it.
    Tinky – Thanks for the appreciation.
    Lisa and Frances – I think I have always been afraid of too much for the begonia sun and over reacted; and I know I am not consistent in my fertilizing. I will attend to both.

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