Bloom Day – January 2010

The first Bloom Day of the year. The first Bloom Day of a new decade. I wish I could post something really splashy, but I don’t really have much in the way of houseplants – but here we go.  I made a trip to Logee’s Greenhouse several years ago and the only thing still thriving after all this time is two scented geraniums. Their blooms are not notable. I bought them for their beautiful scented foliage which continues to please. Right now both plants are really leggy and it is time to cut them back before summer. I am always timid when I have to cut back, but I will do it.

The Christmas cactus is going by, but it has put on a good show.

And of course, there is the ever faithful abutilon, flowering maple or parlor maple. Take your pick.

What I really celebrate at this time of the year is the continuation of life, even when it is invisible.  Last winter I left my big jade tree out in The Great Room where it has lived for several winters. (It goes outdoors on the piazza with all the other ‘houseplants’ during fine weather.) Unfortunately, we had not paid realized, that with some new insulating we did between the Great Room and the main part of the house, the Great Room did entertain freezing temperatures during the night. When we finally paid attention I declared that the jade tree was deadern’ a biscuit. Henry said, not so!

And he was right.  We cut it back to bare stumps, and look what happened. New growth everywhere. Life will not be denied!  And so we celebrate on this gray, cold Bloom Day. To see who has more color visit our host, Carol over at May Dreams Gardens. It is also Blooming Friday, so for a double hit of blooms visit Katarina at Roses and Stuff.

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  1. Darla

    Beautiful blooms today!! Congrats on the Jade..

  2. Kate

    First time visitor though I’m seeing this same pretty flower on a few different GBBD blogs! Not familiar with abutilon though I think I need to make her acquaintance! 🙂 Good stuff. Happy GBBD. Stay warm!

  3. Plants are amazingly hardy. Let’s hope my agaves also come back. Happy Bloom Day!~~Dee

  4. Jean

    Re: your jade plant, like I said on my blog, aren’t plants amazing? I’m glad it was still alive. I’ve never heard the name “parlor maple” for abutilon and I also didn’t know they did so well indoors. Yours is lovely.

  5. Pat

    Darla – The jade tree is inspiring. Never give up!
    Kate – Thanks for visiting. The abutilon does live outside during fine weather, and blooms all winter.
    Dee – I’m sending good thoughts to those agaves.

  6. Pat

    Jean – Plants are amazing. It must be their appeal.

  7. kris at Blithewold

    Logee’s might just be one of my favorite places on Earth… And I don’t have scad of survivors either. It might be time to make another trip. I’m especially impressed by your abutilon – I can’t keep them from getting both leggy and buggy… Any tips?

  8. Rose

    How wonderful that your jade plant has revived! I find it hard to throw out plants until I’m absolutely sure they’re dead. Usually they are, but sometimes they surprise me, just as your jade plant has. Happy Bloom Day!

  9. Pat, I’m a fan of abutilon (they make effective container plants), but the only window with enough sunshine to make it a happy overwinterer has my big desk plunked in front of it, loaded with printers and computers. Electronics and things needing water don’t mix. Love your line: Life will not be denied!

  10. Lisa at Greenbow

    Aren’t the Abutilons just marvelous. All they need is a little water and sun. Happy GBBD.

  11. Gail

    It’s the year for abutilon! They are beautiful and sound easy peasy~~I may be simplifying here, but I do like them. gail

  12. I really like the scented geraniums. Whenever I pass them, I reach out and touch them and I’m rewarded by lots of scent.
    Wishing you a great weekend!

  13. mia

    The ccontinuation of life, I liked that frase, so true. Soon every plant will awake for the green season.

  14. While your blooms are beautiful I especially like the sentiment of celebrating the continuation of life in the winter. It is a marvel of nature to realize that under the snow cover mother nature is still at work.

  15. Thats good to hear about the Jade plant – I had someone this week who had the same problem with the temps – hopefully your experience should give her some hope that hers will survive.

  16. Pat

    Leaves – Jade plants do seem to be almost indestructible. Mine has been going for about 25 years.
    Debbie – Miracles indeed, whether we can see them or not.
    Mia – Continuity is one of the things I love about gardening.
    Katarina – The fragrance of scented geraniums is a delight in every season. I agree.
    Gail – I’d vote for a year of the abutilon. They are easy-peasy. And beautiful.
    Lisa – You are right. They don’t need much. I thought I had killed this plant a couple of years ago, but I cut it back and it came back!
    Helen – I finally had to take plants out of the ‘office’. But it was only an east window anyway.
    Rose – I’ve often thought that procrastination is one of a gardener’s best tools. I’ve been surprised by a dead plant’s resurrection many times.
    Kris – My abutilon is leggy right now. I planned to cut it back right after Bloom Day. You’ll notice i only gave a closeup of the bloom. The only insect problem I had was scale and I did get it cleaned up without much damage to the plant.

  17. Frances

    Hi Pat, the blooms on the cactus and abutilon looks pretty dadgum splashy to me! Any kind of flower is worth cheering in January. 🙂

  18. Pat

    Frances – it is true. Any flower is welcome at any season.

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