Foliage Follow-Up April 2010

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This ornamental plum, planted around 25 years ago, struggled for many years, but it is finally a real tree. Today in stands in for all the trees that are leafing out at a gratifying rate.

Catkins on weeping birch

I love weeping birch and planting a tiny seedling a number of years ago. It was hardly more than 6 inches tall and was already trying to weep. I kept trying to  get it to grow up a bit first but the result is not graceful. It’s lack of grace is one problem, but in addition to that it weeps to the east, into the center of the Lawn Bed where it embraces the Moth Light hydrangea. Oh, well. I still love it. Right now the catkins are in full bloom. Do they count as foliage?


On a more practical note, the horseradish is well up in the Herb Bed. My husband loves horseradish. My grandfather said he could never get horseradish to thrive, but he must have been the only one in the world to have trouble. I can tell you I have done nothing special.  However, the Herb Bed does have good deep soil, easy to water since it is right next to the spigot.

The most important foliage right now is edible foliage. I  started seeds indoors and put three six packs of lettuces and broccoli  out in my impromptu coldframe three days ago. So far they are doing very well. Right now I’m debating whether I should bring them back in the house because snow is predicted!  Other six packs of seeds that I started are up on the southern windowsill in the guest room. Spinach that I seeded directly in the ground is already sending up fine shoots.


The primrose that I bought years ago at the supermarket continues to thrive. It is not quite blooming so I am happy that we now have Foliage Follow-up to celebrate. I put other primroses in the bed with the rhododendrons, but they are getting crowded by the rhodies that have foliage right down to the ground. My friend the primrose expert told me I was not putting them in a good spot. I should have paid attention.

I don’t remember when or why I planted autumn crocus next to the wisteria (and there maybe really bad news about that wisteria soon) but this is not a good spot. By the time they bloom in the fall this spot in the Herb Bed is full of lemon balm and bee balm. I’ve been saying I will move them, but the area is so full of lemon balm and bee balm that when the proper time arrives in July I just throw up my hands. Next year. Maybe I’ll pull it off this year. I really will try.

Autumn crocus

Finally, a warning, which I have given before. The tansy is up. It is even coming up through layers of cardboard and wood chips.  Do not plant tansy. I’d say you could plant it in a pot, but the seeds will fly who knows where.

Do not plant tansy!

For more beautiful foliage visit Pam at Digging and see how the season is going across the great U.S. Thank you Pam!

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  1. Mattenylou

    I love this time of year, each day brings new life to our backyards. I have horse radish, too, but have never done anything with it. I remember Dad setting up his grinder years ago out on the picnic table and putting out a huge fan to blow the smell away, fun memory, but I’d rather buy a jar nowadays.

    Oh, btw, you have mail.

  2. frayedattheedge

    I planted horseradish in my last garden – big mistake …… it was a brute of a plant that took over the herb garden and just wouldn’t go away no matter how often we dug it up!! Lovely photos – you are a bit ahead of us with your foliage.

  3. Debbie

    I have an ornamental plum too and while I do like it the flowers last such a short time. Luckily the purple foliage is a colorful addition to the garden.

    I have always wanted a weeping birch and almost bought one the other day as an impluse at one of the big box stores. I don’t think it’s deer resistant though, which is a must in my garden, so I decided to pass it up. I enjoyed seeing the catkins on yours though. Makes me wonder if I did the right thing???

  4. Jean

    Pat, I was tempted to do a foliage follow-up post this month for just this reason. The real joy in the garden right now is not blooms but new greenery showing up every day. Alas, I couldn’t manage two posts and my tax returns in 48 hours!

  5. Pat

    Mattenylou – I do grind up some of the horseradish but a fan would be a good idea to help the job.
    Frayed – Horseradish can be a brute, but so far it is behaving well.
    Debbie – I really have the plum for the foliage. You are right, the flowers are very short lived.
    Jean – Ack! Understood. I hope you are taking time to recover!

  6. Pat

    Debbie – I forgot to say that so far I have had deer nibbling the birch. But maybe they are too busy nibbling the vegetable garden.

  7. Pam/Digging

    Edible foliage–yum! I love that dark red plum foliage too. Thanks for joining in!

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