The Value of Annuals in the Garden

  • Post published:02/16/2021
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Grandpa Ott Morning Glory – a  long season annual

Annuals play an important part in the garden. They bloom for a long season, and can cover the ground or reach high like the morning glories that cover the garden fence. Morning glories come in all manner of colors from the familiar Heavenly Blue to my favorite, Grandpa Ott with its deep blue and rich winey center.

Zinnias – Happy colors in all shades

Zinnias come  is all colors, all sizes and all shapes.  They also attract bees. All  of us are paying more attention to the importance of bees and other pollinators making our world a healthier place. These zinnias are no more that a foot  tall, but you have choices between these and zinnias that are as tall as I am. I love them because they make such easy and bright bouquets for the dining table. I think they are among the most cheerful of annuals that require very  little care. It is easy to plant them from seed yourself if you have potting supplies.

Potting Supplies

My potting corner looks a little grim because it is in the basement. Our house has no windows that are suitable  for this operation, but my supplies make early seed planting work. My ancient card table is in the corner and it holds an electric heating pad, a lighting stand with very bright bulbs, a bag of seedling mix, and finally the seed trays. The seed trays come in a variety of sizes and it is up to you to choose the appropriate/most suitable size.


Whether you buy potted pansies, or grow your own they are marvelous early in the spring. They are low growing and cover the ground very nicely, or you can use them in pots that will sit on the ground, or plant them in hanging flower pots on your porch.

I am already dreaming of visits to the farmers coop where so many annuals and herbs area already potted up and begging to be  bought. Store bought potted annuals can be planted around the garden in an afternoon and feel like it is almost summer.


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