The Life and Death of an Amaryllis

  • Post published:02/14/2022
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Amaryllis Buds

Amaryllis is such a beautiful plant I wanted to put it in an honored and bright spot. However I was not lucky.  There is not really a good sunny spot in my house for potted plants.  I don’t know if the stem needed more sun for strength, but this amaryllis broke off at the bottom of its stem.  It had not yet shown the buds, but I put the stem in  this vase and waited to see  if I would get a bloom. Time passed and you can see that there are at least three big buds looking healthy.

Crimson Amaryllis in full bloom

It only took a week for the amaryllis to come into full bloom – or almost full bloom. You cannot see that there is a late blooming fifth  flower, coming along slowly.

Amaryllis fades and dies in one week

Another week passes and the blossoms die – but look at those large seed cases!

Amaryllis seed case

It is amazing to  open up a seed case and see how many seeds exist – and can be used – slowly.   

I have had a good time watching these beautiful flowers open – and die.  Have you salvaged any Christmas flowers recently, and learned more about the plant?

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  1. Patsy

    My red Christmas cactus just finished blooming for the second time. I am always so happy to see it in full bud around Thanksgiving and thrilled the second time around just after the New Year. Now how to get the African violets to also…

  2. Pat

    Patsy – Blooms TWICE! You have magic fingers. I’m sure the African violets will be ready to behave just as well.

  3. Jorie

    I had meant to comment about the amaryllis, I have been very patient and watched the best of the seed cases until the seeds are mature and dry. I now have one amaryllis plant I have nurtured from a seed. I get so excited about these little gardening delights!

  4. Pat

    Jorie – That is pretty impressive. I only got as far as admiring those little seeds. I will have to try that next year.

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