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Bloom Day – Still Rosy in July

The roses were just beginning to bloom on June’s Bloom Day, mostly the rugosas, but this Fairy, one of two, had not yet begun. Unlike most of the roses in my garden The Fairy will bloom into the fall.

I fully expected the roses which had barely begun to bloom on June 15, to be done by today, but they are have a most floriferous and long season.  The Queen of Denmark is still petite, but blooming as she never has. At least the roses like all the rain.

I planted New Dawn last spring and got a couple of blooms, but this year she seems to have taken hold. I expect her to bloom for a long-ish season.

Buckland rose

Buckland rose

This year it struck me that the nameless (in proper terms) Buckland rose which was given to me by a Buckland friend is the same rose I bought years ago and then lost the name and record of the name.

No mystery - Buckland rose?

No mystery - Buckland rose?

Don’t you think this is the same rose?  The shrub habit and size is the same.  They are even out of focus to the same degree.

So many other roses are still in bloom, Celestial, Rachel, Ispahan, Dash’s Dart, Scabrosa, Mme Legras de St. Germaine, De la Grifferai, Mount Blanc, Blanc Double de Coubert, Apart, Belle Poitvine, Leda, Mary Rose, Mrs. Doreen Pike, 4 red Double Knock Outs, Ghislaine de Feligonde, Betty Prior and Mme Plantier. Oops, I just noticed the Pink Grootendorst I planted this spring also has a single blossom.

The farmgirls are more rambunctious than ever.  Does this farmgirl bear a resemblance to the Buckland rose? She is much smaller.

Even Thomas Affleck, planted this spring at the end of the herb bed is putting out blooms. This is a good rose year!  You can see almost all the roses on the Virtual Rose Walk page.

There are other plants in bloom right now.

I split this achillea plant last fall, and both are doing well.

This hydrangea and spirea are doing so well, along with a weeping birch, that I think something must be done. But what?

The bee balms are in bloom!  I didn’t dare call this Colrain Red at the Bridge of Flowers plant sale, but I think it is.

Last summer I saw great clumps of white cosmos at the Berkshire Botanical Garden. I was inspired, but this year the rains have knocked down the white cosmos, and these pink cosmos are very short.  This new bed needs some serious work. The soil is very poor and it shows in the poor growth of the new plantings.

Other plants in bloom: an undistinguished perennial salvia; an annual salvia, a veronica, a short pink astilbe and the inevitable johnny jumpups.  The pots full of annuals are doing well.  And now daylily season begins.

To see what is blooming all across the nation, check out what’s going on May Dreams Gardens with Carol, who is the gracious hostess of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  Thank you, Carol!

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