Beehive and Worms

  • Post published:07/19/2011
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If one grandson visits the beehive charcoal kiln in Hawley, others will demand the same opportunity.

Anthony documented everything for his vlog. That’s V for video. He’s way ahead of me. Drew is just astounded.

We stopped at Avery’s General Store to pick up a couple of things for supper, but we could have bought boots, or plumbing fixtures, or paint, or a slow cooker – or anything!

After supper we went out to check the worms. I had to hold them because Anthony and Drew were doing the documenting. Actually, they had no desire to handle the worms. I wore gloves.

Sculpture at Chesterwood

We saw cows on our travels but none of them looked like these at Chesterwood yesterday. The sculpture which is flat actually works better as a photo than in person, especially in this setting.


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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    Such adventures. Around here I see this type of silhouette in gardens. Different subjects though.

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