A Mysterious Lady

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When I visited Marie Stella at her house, Beaver Lodge, she took me out onto the deck overlooking the woods and beaver pond. She said The Birch Woman was a sculpture done by Sally Fine. I looked, but did not see.

Birch Woman
Birch Woman

Although the birches were beginning to lose their leaves, my eyes had to adjust to the shifting light and shadows as the leaves danced in the autumn breeze, until suddenly the Birch Woman materialized.

Birch Woman by Sally Fine
Birch Woman by Sally Fine

The Birch Woman had come to The Beaver Lodge after being exhibited at the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA.  The DeCordova Museum Sculpture Park is comprised of 35 acres where modern outdoor sculptures are on display, some from the Museum’s own permanent collection, some are on loan from private collectors, dealers and artists, and a few have been created by artists for a particular site in the Park. “Many of these installations are environmentally based, in terms of both materials and content.”

Marie plans to exhibit the work of  other environmental artists in the future.

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  1. Nan

    Isn’t that just great!!

  2. commonweeder

    Nan, The Beaver Lodge and Marie’s plans are amazing.

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