Swamp Affair And Then Ice!

  • Post published:12/28/2022
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Flood on December 23, 2022

We did not expect that our joyous Christmas days would give us rain, and more rain.

More of the Flood

I cannot show you how far the rain was carried down to the Rose Garden. This was the heaviest rain we had since we moved to  this house.

SNOW! On December 24, 2022

Well, not much snow but the garden was white and the swampy-ness seems to have changed.

Chris and Michelle on December 24, 2022

Son Chris and his lady Michelle, arrived  for the Christmas joys, and had to go outside to slide and travel on the ice, and examine and see if there is water below.  There was not.

Smashed!  December 25, 2022

On Christmas Day there were the joys of stomping on the ice and smashing it. What fun! There were smashings in other areas.  We can’t blame Chris and Michelle for all the stomping, we think it was Santa’s reindeer that thought they would have some fun on the ice too.

The ice continues, and we wonder if there will be a warm rain before New Year’s Day. Will the ice melt?


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  1. Ron

    I think mother nature got mixed up on this one, as here in TN we had a temperature of 0 degrees with a light dusting of snow for our Christmas day and finally today we will not get below the freezing mark for the next several days and will get rain as well later in the week.

  2. Pat

    Ron – I have to say we are keeping a close eye on the temperatures. I don’t complain because the hills where we used to live for 35 years are loaded down with SNOW! Much prettier.

  3. rkh950

    I know about those hills where you used to live. My grandparents, the Peters (Peters General Store) lived in Heath and I spent much of my childhood in Charlemont, so I can recall many long cold winters with deep snow.

  4. Beth@PlantPostings

    Santa’s reindeer, indeed! The rain is nice, but the puddles are difficult. I hope you don’t flood too much. Happy New Year!

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