Spring at Last?

  • Post published:04/25/2011
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Easter Sunday

In spite of Saturday’s snow and sleet which continued most of the day, after a warm night with temperatures constantly increasing, Easter Sunday dawned warm and sunny and blissful. This is all that was left of the snow. The breeze was gentle and it was a perfect Easter Sunday.

One of the first fences we removed over the past months was the wire fence that formed the ‘fourth wall’ of the Sunken Garden. These dayliles grew along the northern section of fence but they are going to be removed.  A few will be moved to the Daylily Bank in front of the house, some will go to the Bridge of Flowers Plant Sale on May 14, and some will go to whoever will take them. These were bought from White Flower Farm in shades of yellow and gold more than 25 years ago. The names are gone, but it is a wonderful selection. I will have to wait for this swampy site to dry out before I start digging, although I doubt that the daylilies would care very much. The intent is to have a smooth green swath from the main lawn into the Sunken Garden. I do use the word ‘lawn’ loosely. No fine turf at the End of the Road.

After we enjoyed the sunny morning the clouds moved in, but our guests began to arrive and we just concentrated on the sun in their smiles.  We had a wonderful day of visiting with young friends and our son Chris and his lady.  This morning before Chris and Michelle departed for home, Chris helped me move the lid to the cold frame and I moved in the seedlings that have been growing on the guest room windowsill. Here you can see Tango lettuce from High Mowing Seeds, Amadeus broccoli and Tower Mix China Asters from Johnny’s Another tray held  Gigante parlsey, Bling Bling and Green Envy zinnias from Renee’s Garden.

Today it is cloudy again which makes it perfect for a first day in  the cold frame. The prediction is for more showery weather which is not a bad thing. I think I might be able to put these seedlings in the ground early next week. It feels like spring. I hope it is here to stay.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    I hope your spring is here to stay too Pat. What fun to be able to put a few things out in the cold frame.

  2. Pat

    Lisa – I didn’t expect it, but the sun is shining. For the moment.

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