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  • Post published:04/19/2010
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Snow on April 16

A wet snow was falling on Friday morning. It did not last long on the ground, but the day continued wet and chill and not suitable for gardening.  I was happy that I had spent most of Thursday cleaning out, weeding and putting some semblance of an edge on the Herb Bed in front of the house. Since we added the Entry Walk to the Piazza and Welcome Platform, the Herb Bed has expanded to approximately 33 feet long, and 5 feet deep.

With all that room I added a rose, and three golden Henryi lilies and three White Henry lilies last year. I can’t wait to see them. I also seeded some spinach on April 1 and it has sprouted and has managed to survive the snow and cold rains. I guess that’s why they call it a hardy cool season crop.

I also moved some six packs of lettuce, broccoli – and even cosmos – down to the cold frame early this week.  The seedlings survived strong sun on the two days when I needed to open the ‘lid’, as well as near- freezing temperatures. They are sitting in a plastic tray so that I can add water every day and keep them watered through osmosis action.

Seedlings in the cold frame

Other six packs of parsley, cosmos, and zinnias are doing well on a windowsill upstairs. I planted more seeds as well: Sakata Sweet Treats cherry tomatoes sent as a sample; Seed Savers Exchange Hot Biscuits amaranth given as a sample at the nursery trade show; and purchased seeds including High Mowings Belstar broccoli; and Renee’s Garden cosmos, and Blue Boy Cornflower. I am determined that this year I will have flowers for cutting and arrangements as well as veggies on the plate.

Nothing much is happening so far in the new Front Garden. Lettuce and spinach have been planted, but without composted manure from the local horse farm I haven’t tried to plant the second bed there. I did go down to the Potager and weeded and dug one bed. I planted blue sweet peas, another sample from Seed Savers, as well as swiss chard and onion sets. I had to hurry because I did only have the day – as it turned out.

Daffodils are still coming. Everytime I have to drive down Route 2 I see more and more of the Mystery Daffodils coming into bloom. This is the third spring for these beautiful flowers which appeared mysteriously – and no one knew who had planted them. The secret leaked out a little bit, but I have kept my lips sealed. I love thinking about this Secret Sharer, making all of us smile as we drive back and forth to work or on our necessary errands.

I have daffodils, obviously of late varieties, but I have been admiring the progression of foliage on the trees with special attention and joy this spring. Flower arranging is not my forte, but I thought I would have some luck with foliage arranging. There are wild cherry buds, deep red ornamental plum leaves, birch catkins and I’m not sure what else.   I stuck in a handful of daffs and brought the arrangement to sit on the Coffee Table for social hour at church. It was admired!

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  1. Layanee

    Snow! So sorry but ‘poor man’s fertilizer’ will not last long this time of year.

  2. Pat

    Layanee – The snow is gone and the sun is shining. Maybe it will even get out of the 40s today.

  3. Rose

    So sorry about the snow, but April can certainly be fickle. We didn’t have any snow on Friday but did have a light frost–and I had left some seedlings outside! Your seedlings are looking good; they will be a nice size by the time you’re ready to transplant them. Lovely arrangement!

  4. tina

    You can do it-have cutting flowers and veggies. Determination and a little bit of help from Mother Nature will ensure success. I have my fingers crossed for you. You have a great start on those veggies!

  5. Kate

    Snow happens for me when it’s raining at lower elevations, perking up the flowers and disappearing in just a few hours. So, I’m grateful for it. I’ve been meaning to build a cold frame. Would love to get a jump start on the veggies. 🙂

  6. Pat

    Rose – We have so much wind here that we have a longer frost free season than our bottom of the hill neighbors. Glad you like the arrangement.
    Tina – I’ve got seeds started and a few special perennials for the cutting garden. Dahlias too. Thanks for the encouragement.

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