Winter Light at the End of the Road

  • Post published:01/08/2013
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Trees at the End of the Road

The winter light at the End of the Road is all about all I have to say about gardening on these winter days. I’m just enjoying the view.

Trees at the End of the Road
Trees at the End of the Road
Rooster and snow

This rooster guards the front door, even during blizzards.

Krishna in the snow


Trees down by ice 2010


Sunset – almost

Day is done. For more Wordlessness on Wednesday click here.


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  1. Indrani

    Lovely snowy captures!
    Wish you a very happy new year!

  2. Ron Harmon

    Thank you for sharing your pictures of what winter looks like in the country in Heath. There is just a special beauty of country roads with the snow piled up and the trees all bare. Each season has it’s own beauty!

  3. pamela

    Beautiful pics! It is summer here and sooooooo hot, but I am a Winter person so I loved your shots 🙂

  4. Pat

    Indrani – Happy new year to you!
    Ron – The variety of weather and light in New England is one of the things I love.
    Pamela – Thanks. Winter is beautiful here.

  5. The Sage Butterfly

    Very beautiful snowy scenes. We have not had very much snow so far. I hope we get some before winter ends.

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