Snow and Snowdrops

  • Post published:03/23/2009
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I left my daughter and her broken ankle in the loving care of her sons and friends and made it home for the weekend and the wonderful Western Mass Master Gardeners Spring Symposium. I was giving a presentation about my worm farm, but I was eager to hear landscape designer Julie Moir Messervy speak about her new book, Home Outside, and attend a garlic growing and cooking workshop. I’ll post more about the Symposium later this week.

While I was home my husband and I took a walk past the snowdrifts and out to the vegetable garden to get a good measure of its new dimensions after the lasagna addition I put in last fall. We had to walk through snow to get to the garden, but that sunny area was clear. We were able to get measurements, 11′ x 26′. We laid out paths on paper and calculate that I will have about 188 square feet of planting beds in this area.

As we walked back to the house I saw my first blossoms of the year, snowdrops! Now it really feels like spring.

After I saw the snowdrops I had to check one other area that was free of snow.

The daylily shoots are green. I’ll have to start watching closely.

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  1. keewee

    I see pictures of snowdrops on so many blogposts, and I don’t have any in my garden.
    Note to self: GO BUY SNOWDROPS

  2. Commonweeder

    keewee – I think snowdrops are so beautiful. And by far the earliest blossom in my garden. You won’t regret having a few.

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