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Snowdrops ‘in the green’

On April 1 I made it down to ‘The Orchard’, a term we use very loosely, and found that the snowdrops were up. But the snow lingers in the orchard, and we rarely go down there early in the season so . . . .

I dug them up, in flower, and moved them to the Herb Bed in front of the Piazza.  Deborah at Kilbourne Grove recently posted about getting a gift of snowdrops ‘in the green’ which means already sprouted – although probably not blooming. She said they settle in better when planted this way. I have dug up daffodil shoots and moved them in the spring with no unhappy effect, so I dug up some of the snowdrops and immediately replanted and watered them. So far they look fine, and next spring I will get to admire them early, because the snow melts early and the soil warms early in front of the house.  Why didn’t I think of this before.

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