Snowdrops ‘in the green’

  • Post published:04/03/2010
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On April 1 I made it down to ‘The Orchard’, a term we use very loosely, and found that the snowdrops were up. But the snow lingers in the orchard, and we rarely go down there early in the season so . . . .

I dug them up, in flower, and moved them to the Herb Bed in front of the Piazza.  Deborah at Kilbourne Grove recently posted about getting a gift of snowdrops ‘in the green’ which means already sprouted – although probably not blooming. She said they settle in better when planted this way. I have dug up daffodil shoots and moved them in the spring with no unhappy effect, so I dug up some of the snowdrops and immediately replanted and watered them. So far they look fine, and next spring I will get to admire them early, because the snow melts early and the soil warms early in front of the house.  Why didn’t I think of this before.

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  1. Since I’m buried in snow so many months of the year I don’t plant white flowers –the little darlings get lost in a sea of white. However! I think snowdrops are so cute. Just love your idea of moving them to a place where it’s easy to enjoy their beauty. Happy Easter!

  2. Pat

    DGG- I love snowdrops!

  3. Sorry, it took me so long to catch up with THIS post! Good for you moving the snowdrops, now you will be able to enjoy them very early next year.

  4. Pat

    Deborah – The snowdrops seem to have settled in beautifully.

  5. jerry fritz

    We will be selling snowdrops ” In the green ” at the Philadelphia flower show in march 2011

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