Might As Well Be Spring!

  • Post published:04/02/2010
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The Solar Clothes Dryer

Finally, I was able to use the solar clothes dryer! The sun shone and temperatures are rising.

The daffodills under Miss Willmott lilac have started to send up shoots.

When I cleared away dead foliage I could see that the Lady’s Mantle, alchemilla, has a lot is going on.

The snow is gone from below the vegetable garden, and there was only moderate squelching across the lawn to see the snowdrops. My very first blooms.

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  1. Jean

    Pat, It looks as though your garden is at about the same stage as mine. I’m planning to take advantage of this unseasonably warm weather to get out and do some garden clean-up. And, since I’ve let the woodstove go out, I can hang some laundry on my “solar clothes drier” (aka clothesline) and have it come in smelling fresh-air sweet rather than smoky!

  2. Pat

    Jean – I love being able to use the solar clothes dryer. Our spring cleaning outside continues – and the screens are going in too.

  3. eliz

    I don’t have a clothesline–it would look like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and not in a good way. But I too was outside all day today and plan to be all weekend. Sure, we’ll have a few more frosts, but this warm spell is most welcome.

  4. Pat

    Elizabeth – We keep reminding ourselves that there may be cold weather yet to come, but it is great to get out and think we are getting a headstart on things.

  5. Layanee

    Sheets on the line, all is right with the world.

  6. Pat

    Layanee – It’s wonderful to be able to hang laundry outside.

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