Snowdrop Mystery

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Forcing Snowdrops

















I have never forced snowdrops before, so I decided to experiment. Early in November I got my late order of bulbs from Brent and Becky’s Bulbs.  Some of them went in the  ground, but I potted up some tulips, my paper whites, and a few of the snowdrops. I left them all out  in the unheated Great Room. All of the indoor bulbs had sent up little shoots so just before Christmas I brought them into the slightly slightly warmer Sittling Room

The paperwhites came into bloom and have been blooming for a month now. However the snowdrop planting has grown in ways that I do not understand. As you can see, one snowdrop bulb sent up a shoot and a bud, which shuold bloom in a day or two, but you can see that the other bulbs have sent out much smaller shoots, and some have not sprouted  at all.

My question is this common to forced snowdrops? Or will this happen to snowdrops in the garden? It makes sense that they might wake up ast slightly different times. And I suppose that some bulbs might never wake up, but it wouldn’t be noticeable if it  were just a small percentage. Is it possible that I didn’t let them cool long enough?

The snowdrops I planted are in the northern end of the Lawn Beds. I will be able to see them from the house when they come into bloom. Right now I am only looking out at snow. No snowdrops. I do hope my indoor snowdrops will eventually bloom.

Has anyone else ever forced snowdrops? What was your experience?

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  1. Very strange! I’ve never forced snowdrops, but have had success with them outside even after a mild winter.

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