Forced Bulbs

  • Post published:01/03/2011
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There were no flowers but I thought this made a suitable centerpiece for our New Year’s Day dinner with friends. We bought the odd rubbery container at the Bird and Fish Market when we lived in Beijing in 1989 representing the past, the green shoots are for this moment in time, and there is hope for the small golden yellow “Baby Moon” daffodils to bloom soon.

I ordered bulbs for forcing rather late from Old House Gardens and Brent and Becky’s Bulbs.  Some grape hyacinths, some tulips, and several small daffodils. I received the bulbs around Thanksgiving and even though I potted them up immediately, they are all just starting to send up shoots.  The surprising thing I noticed is that the size of the bulb doesn’t seem to have much to do with the size of the plant or bloom.

The potted bulbs are now mostly in sunny windows. I am eager to watch the sun bloom in these pots.

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  1. Andrea

    Bulb forcing here is not done, we just wait for the rains and watch them flower naturally. But due to blogging i was inspired to try digging the bulbs before the rains and letting them sit on water as you from winter climes do. Yes they flowered but the stalks of my amaryllis were so tall that they tend to fall sideways. Anyway, i was successful, and if only i am enterprising i can also sell bulbs to the public, hehe.

  2. Layanee

    I think it is the perfect centerpiece. I hope you show it again with flowers in bloom.

  3. Yes, Pat, please show it again when the daffs are blooming. ‘Baby Moon’ sounds like a winner.

  4. Pat

    Andrea – You are lucky not to have to force things, but allow them to bloom naturally.
    Layanee – You can count on further developments.
    Helen – I’ve also got Minnow daffodils in a pot. They are coming along slowly. My house is pretty cold.

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