Make a Joyful Noise!

  • Post published:12/27/2007
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My friend Helen Opie, who now lives in Nova Scotia, sent this handrawn computer drawing (using the Paint program) as my Christmas greeting. It is only appropriate that she chose the life giving sun to celebrate the season.

Helen has a sunny nature, and was one of the bright spots in my difficult year of teaching sixth grade. Her very smart, imaginative and creative daughter Jenny was in my class, and the link that brought us together. From there Helen introduced us to the fledging Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) – this was in 1974 – and a whole community of wonderful folks who went at their farming and gardening with great zest and good humor, and a willingness to share their ideas and expertise.

In addition to being a fabulous gardener, Helen is also an environmentally sensitive artist. She was explaining to me her interest in computer art. “I am not wasting materials, it is relaxing when I am tired, and my trials don’t fill up the wastebasket. Nor do I fill up storage space in my studio with drawings.”

We are fortunate to have some of her silkscreens, and a beautiful baby quilt, embroidered and appliqued with all the denizens and implements of a farm, rabbits, carrots, ducks, chickens and gourds. The quilt has been well used, but remains bright and warm, a testament to her talents and her affection for which we are grateful every day.

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