Flowers on the Bed

  • Post published:07/12/2011
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When I went to the Hawley Artisans and Garden tour a beautiful exhibit of quilts , old and new, was on display in the East Hawley Meetinghouse.

Flowers are a common motif on quilts.

These embroidered squares reminded me of the embroidery my mother and her sisters did when I was a young child. Even I learned to embroider. None of us made embroidered quilts, though.

This charming quilt by Connie Harris shows the kind of world we all hope for – in the hills and valleys of our world.

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  1. Rose

    I’ve been looking for baby quilt patterns to make a quilt for the new grandson due in September. The last quilt is so sweet! Wish I could attempt this, but I need something for beginners:) My mother is the accomplished quilter and did in fact make a queen-sized quilt with embroidered floral squares. It’s beautiful, but I think it took her a few years to make it. She recently made a pieced quilt–king-size–for my daughter when she got married.

  2. My mom, sister and aunt are quilters so this post makes me smile. I learned to embroider as a small girl and these quilts you’ve posted remind me of those projects I worked on.

  3. commonweeder

    Rose – My mother was a quilter, but it is not something I would ever attempt. However, I was honored to receive a beautiful small quilt from a friend when I retired from the library.
    Cindy – Can you imagine church pews filled with these charming quilts. One embroidered quilt was a friendship quilt from 1952 ‘signed’ by friends as a go away present.

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