I Got Lucky

  • Post published:02/27/2009
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In a check out impulse I bought a not very promising bag of bulbs at my garden center last fall. I set them up in the basement where they were very slow to show any activity, and very slow to throw up flower shoots when I finally brought them upstairs. I think my house is so cold that they didn’t get much hint that spring, even a false indoor spring, was approaching. But the wait was worth it. I have recently become enamored of pink daffodils, and just by chance, here they are. Lit by the sun I can almost believe spring will arrive outside.

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  1. Darla

    this color is beautiful!

  2. Petra C

    Beautiful. I could almost fool myself to believe that the picture is taken outside in the sun.

  3. Roses and stuff

    Congratulations to your lovely daffodils! How I wish mine would show up soon…
    Thanks for joining in for Blooming Friday – have a great weekend!

  4. sweet bay

    Those pink daffs are lovely. They don’t seem to last very long in NC, but one can dream.. 🙂

  5. camellia

    WHat a lovely surprise! Sometimes it rally pays off to wait and be patient.
    Have a great day…spring will come eventually.

  6. Chloe Marguerite


    Thanks for stopping by Garden Grit!

    Your pink daffodils are just lovely – perhaps next year I’ll try some in my garden.

    Great idea about the mulch – our city also offers free mulch from the green waste recycling, but you have to go pick it up.

    Chloe M.

  7. Pat Leuchtman

    Darla – Don’t you love pink daffs?
    Petra – Our house has beautiful big south windows!
    Roses and stuff – Wait til you see MY roses!
    Sweet Bay – Last year we had a long cool (I mean cold) spring and the daff season was also gloriously long.
    Camellia – I live in hope. Like every gardener.
    Chloe – Lucky you! I wouldn’t mind picking it up if it were free.
    Thank you all for visiting.

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