Daffodil Days

  • Post published:04/14/2009
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It is early in daffodil season in my part of the world. This photo shows part of a low stone wall in Charlemont, the adjoining town, fronted by a show of daffodils, among the earliest I see. The wall faces south, providing protection and warmth, and cheering those of us who pass by and are weary of winter gray.

Charlemont is also the home of the Mystery Daffodil Planter. Several years ago, small clumps of daffodils popped up along Rte 2, the Mohawk Trail. They had not been there before. They were not necessarily planted in people’s yards. Some are at the edge of pastures, and some at a narrow shoulder of the road. They were a miles long mystery. Since those first daffodils were planted the clumps have increased in size, and it is clear that some homeowners have been nudged into planting their own clumps near the edge of the road. The Mystery Planter has been identified, but I prefer to let him enjoy his mystery personna while I enjoy the delight.

This is my clump of early daffodils, growing against a remnant of stone wall in back of a rose bush I planted, after I thought I had dug out all the daffodils. Obviously I missed one or two of this vigorous variety which were growing here when we bought the house in 1979. The centers are very fringey, and unlike any other daffodils I have ever seen. The daffodils I planted a few years ago are the merest shoots at this point. It will be a while before they bloom.

There is a whole daffodil field at the Tower Hill Botanic Garden that will be blooming for another week or two. It is worth the trip to Boyleston and there is always lots more to see. Check out their website.

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  1. walk2write

    I love those secret good-deed doers. They make the world a better place in which to live and don’t expect (or want!) any remuneration. Modern-day miracles.

  2. Commonweeder

    W2W – I thought the secret planter is an inspiration – to think of other secret deeds.

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