Journey of a Thousand Steps

  • Post published:09/26/2008
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We have finally begun mopping up after spending the summer putting a new cement foundation under the eastern end of our house and installing a new heating system. We hope we’ll be a little warmer and dryer this winter.

This stone retaining wall, one of two, is the attractive bonus of the project. The thicket of blackberries, invasive pasture roses, asters, weed trees and goldenrod has been removed so that we can have access to the new basement wall and door. Yesterday I moved 6 wheelbarrows full of compost to the narrow area between the old white lilacs (greatly thinned) and the top of the stone wall to make a reasonable planting bed for purple Siberian irises that were in great need of thinning.

The irises are the first step in replanting what seems like acres of excavation. Fortunately the timing is pretty good. Fall is the perfect time for seeding a new lawn. It is also time to divide the perennials who will be needing a new space to flourish. It’s a good thing I got 4 yards of beautiful compost from Bear Path Farm. We need lots of soil improvement.

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  1. Pam/Digging

    The stone wall is lovely. Did you build it? You ARE lucky to have gotten it finished in time for fall planting season. Happy planting!

  2. Pat Leuchtman

    No we didn’t build the walls. One of our neighbors is an excavator. He, his sturdy machine, and his WIFE, all worked on it – as well as the foundation. Actually, his wife only worked with the stones. It was wonderful to watch.

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