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  • Post published:04/29/2009
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I measure the march toward spring by the arrival of the first dandelion in my ‘flowery mead’ which some call The Lawn. Yesterday, the first dandelion showed up, at least a week earlier than usual. This morning it has been joined by a host of sunny compatriots. I hope the five days of 80 plus temperatures haven’t lulled us into a fatal spring.

Along with the dandelions, these violets seemed to pop up and bloom over night in the sand next to the house where we are planning to put more pavers. And witch grass. Of course. Who could call such beauty a weed? There are more violets, white and purple in the flowery mead. They indicate that my soil is acid. I knew that.

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  1. Powell River Books

    I know they are a weed, but dandelions have such beautiful yellow flowers along the roadsides (and your lawn). And they have such fun seed heads for little ones to blow and scatter for future generations. – Margy

  2. Commonweeder

    Margy – Dandelions are precisely the common weeder that my blog is named after. I’m quite fond of dandelions.

  3. Shady Gardener

    Now. If I could just remember to get out there and grab those dandelion leaves before the blossoms appear, we could Eat them! 🙂

  4. Commonweeder

    Shady – My grandfather had us pick dandelion greens for his salad but they were a little bitter for me. Recently I saw a bunch of giant cultivated dandelion greens in the supermarket. I almost didn’t recognize them

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