May Day – The Garden Bloom Season is Beginning

  • Post published:05/01/2013
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Van Sion daffodils

The bloom season is just beginning here at the End of the Road. At an elevation of 1700 feet, it takes longer to arrive than in the valley. Even now bloom is slow as the night temperatures remain in the 30s and we have had no rain. This bloom season I am going to try and keep a running record of bloom on the first of the month as well as the  fifteenth of the month Bloom Day, and take good illustrative photos of the plants in the garden. Van Sion daffodils have been blooming for about two weeks. This is an  old fashioned and very early variety. The ‘wallpaper’ is of scillas that bloom down by the vegetable garden. Glory of the Snow, chionodoxa, is also blooming in the laswn. I have been surprised by these little bulbs. Not only do they multiply from the bulb, they also spread seed, in slightly more distant lawn and in the vegetable garden.


Coltfoot is growing on the Rose Bank, but also along the side of the dirt  roads, glowing in the spring sun, unhappered as yet by the large leaves that will follow as the flowers fade.

I hope I will have more to show by May 15th. To see what else is (almost) Wordless this Wednesday click here.


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  1. Christy

    The Daffys are so pretty! I hope your temps rise and you get some rain soon. I’m looking forward to seeing your blooms each first and fifteenth.

  2. Pat

    Christy – Once spring really begins the race is on.

  3. posh

    I’m like the only person who has no pretty flowers to show off this week.

  4. Nan

    A miracle isn’t it! I love the wallpaper. How did you do that??
    Good idea about photos of what’s blooming.

  5. Rose

    Glad to see that spring has finally arrived for you, Pat! There’s nothing quite as cheery as the first daffodils of spring.

    What caught my eye in your post was that you’ve had no rain–I wish I could send some of ours over to you!

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