The Little Cyclamen That Could on March Bloom Day

  • Post published:03/15/2013
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White cyclamen with Guan Yin

This little white cyclamen on my bedroom windowsill has been blooming and blooming  for two months. At least. Our bedroom is very cool, down to 55 degrees at night so the cycalmen has been very happy here.  I really need a cold bedroom to sleep well. My husband tolerates it. I might turn the heat up during the day while I am working on the upstairs computer, otherwise I spend my of my day downstairs near the woodstove – where most of the housework lives. Not to mention my laptop. The cyclamen and Guan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compasion with all her magic tools, is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning. Easy to start off the day in a good frame of mind when I can carry these images with me all during the day.

Pink tulips

This pot of pink tulips is still blooming even though they were planted at exactly at the same time as my round pot of tulips which I wrote about recently here. I treated them just the same, but when the round pot began to bloom so much earlier I started keeping this pot in the sitting room which is cooler room than our main living space.

Pink tulip close-up

The tulips are just beautiful in the early morning sun.

Paper whites – dried

It would be fun to say that the paper whites from Brent and Becky are still in bloom, like the cyclamen, after two months, but alas, it is not so. Still, I haven’t gotten rid of these flowers just because they have dried so beautifully. I don’t remember ever having this experience with paper whites before.

Carol of May Dreams Gardens has been hosting Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day for years. I love having the chance to what else is in bloom on the 15th of the month all across the land, and Bloom Day had given me a record of my own garden through the months and years. Thank you Carol!


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  1. Rose

    Your cyclamen certainly is a cheerful note for waking up, but I would definitely by cheered up by those lovely tulips as well!

  2. Christy

    All of these flowers look so pretty and cheery! How lucky to have these in your home!

  3. Pat

    Rose – a lot of cheer in just a coupel of pots.
    Lee – Love those indoor blooms!
    Christy – Lucky is just what I am.

  4. Jean/Jean's Garden

    Like you, I like a cool bedroom for sleeping and have potted cyclamens that bloom for months on the cool window ledge. At this time of year, I really need them to keep me going until spring! I’ve never tried forcing tulips indoors; something to remember for next year.

  5. Christina

    I hadn’t realised that Paper Whites really did turn to paper and stay white, an added bonus for these lovely bulbs. Christina

  6. Pat

    Jean – I never tried forcing tulips either. They take a long time to bloom. I potted them in November.
    Christina – I didn’t realize they dried like that either. A lovely surprise.

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