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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day December 15,2012

Christmas cactus

I never have much in bloom at this time of the year. but on this Garden Bloggers Boom Day I have something to show. My big Christmas cactus sits in the corner of our bedroom and thrives with no care at all. A smaller Christmas cactus sits on the kitchen divider, the only blooming plant in public space. Lots more blooms to come on both.


This little pot of cyclamen , bought last February, spent the summer forgotten under a shelf on the piazza where it had fallen. When I brought plants indoors in September, this little plant was showing new growth. Brave little plant. And determined.

Succulent in bloom

I brought the two hypertufa troughs I made into the house in the fall, not because I was worried about the plants, but because I was worried about the troughs. The troughs, and my potted bulbs are resting in  our unheated, but sunny, Great Room. Some of the succulents are hibernating, but this mystery plant is blooming, and has been blooming for over a month. If anyone has any ideas what type of succulent it is I’d be happy to know. The garden shop where I  bought it, could not name it.

Thank you Carol for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day over at May Dreams Gardens. Click here and see who else is celebrating – and with more energy that I am showing at the End of the Road.

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