Bloom Day February 2013

Paper White Narcissus

On this Bloom Day the ground is covered with snow and the plow drifts are still  substantial. My indoor blooms are modest. These paper whites, a bonus from Brent and Becky’s Bulbs, have been blooming for over a month. A couple of the stems collapsed, but I cut the blooms off and they continue in a little glass vase.


This little pot of primroses was a door prize at the annual meeting of the Greenfield Garden Club. I will plant it  outdoors when the snow is gone. We’ll see if it has enough vigor to survive after  all these indoor days.

White Cyclamen

I found this little pot of white cyclamen in a forgotten corner of the piazza in the fall when I  brought the houseplants in. I began to water it again and that is all it needed. It began to bloom before Christmas and will continue for a little while longer I think. They are beautiful on my bedroom windowsill.

I thank Carol at May Dreams Gardens every month for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and giving us all a chance to show what we have blooming. This is a great gift for us all, especially those who have so few winter blooms. Click here to see all those other blooms.


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  1. My son lives in Boston and filled us in on the details of the big storm so I am not surprised the snow is still around. It is reassuring though that spring comes every year.

  2. Christy

    I really like your indoor flowers! So nice to have something cheery inside when it’s so bleak outside!

  3. Lea

    Cyclamen flowers always make me think of butterflies, the way the blooms seem to hover above the plant!
    Happy Bloom Day!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  4. The Sage Butterfly

    I think we forget that our houseplants offer us such joy in the winter time with these blooms. I have African Violets and hyacinths blooming, and it is so nice. Lovely post!

  5. Holleygarden

    Oh, how pretty! I’ve never forced bulbs inside, but yours are so lovely, they make me want to try! So nice to have blooms inside when the garden is resting outdoors.

  6. Nell Jean

    Is your cyclamen fragrant. I always search out a fragrant one if I can find it — haven’t even seen cyclamen gpt this Valentine’s Day.

  7. Lisa at Greenbow

    Wow, that cyclamen is outstanding. I have never had luck with the indoor ones. Are your paperwhites the smelly ones? I love them but some people don’t. So cheerful for this time of year. Happy GBBD.

  8. Leslie

    You have some lovely blooms to brighten your winter! Happy Bloom Day!

  9. Pat

    Carolyn – Very snowy and we are not done yet.
    Christy – Flowers are cheering – in every season.
    Lea – Butterflies – the perfect description
    Sage – Think of all the winterblooming houseplants. What pleasure across the land.
    Holleygarden – defintely do try. They are not hard to force.
    Nell Jean – I’m afraid my supermarket cyclamen is not fragrant – but lovely all the same.
    Lisa – This one was a real survivor.
    Leslie – Happy Bloom Day to us all.

  10. Rose

    We don’t have the snow that you’ve had, Pat, but there’s definitely nothing blooming outside in my garden either. Love the cyclamen! I’ve never had much luck in keeping any, but you obviously have the Midas touch in getting such beautiful white blooms.

  11. Jason

    Beautiful Cyclamen! I have never grown them, I wonder if they are difficult.

  12. Jean

    I love that white cyclamen! I bought a cyclamen at the big box store in fall and it really doesn’t look happy now. I probably should have repotted it as soon as I got it home. It’s now outside and I must say, although it has no blooms, it has some gorgeous leaves.

  13. Jean/Jean's Garden

    Pat, I love your paperwhites. My cyclamen are now many years old and they are energizer bunny plants — they just keep going and going for months on end. I think many people have trouble with cyclamen because the mistake the normal period of dormancy after the plant blooms for the plant dying. I’m so glad I was busy and didn’t get around to throwing out that first one after it “died” more than 20 years ago; what a wonderful surprise when, months later, it began to grow first new foliage, then flowers. Happy bloom day. -Jean

  14. Primroses are such fun and so brightly colored. Pat, some of my indoor bulbs are starting to bloom, and they make me so happy while I wait for spring. Hope your bloom day is happy too.~~Dee

  15. Mary Withrow

    The Narcissus can cause horrible headaches in a enclosed room so beware! Lol – I found that in a article of poison plants. Your Cycalamen is beautiful!

  16. Pat

    Rose – I think the cyclamen fairy was just giving me help with this one.
    Jason- Mine is just a supermarket cyclamen. Not difficult to grow at all.
    Jean – Leaves have their own beauty.
    Jean – I think it was my forgetfullness that brought me a second season of cyclamen bloom. I hope I can keep it going for 20 years. I agree that its’s dormant period is deceptive.
    Dee – I have some supermarket primroses that have been blooming under some trees for over 20 years. I love them.
    Mary – Yikes. Headaches. I never heard that. I don’t keep them in a room where I spend a lot of time so I am probably safe.

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