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Foxy Lady Dahlias
Foxy Lady Dahlias

The wind and the rain have knocked the dahlias down, but the colds, night time temps in the 40s, don’t seem to bother them at all.

The cosmos are bowed down as well, but just as beautiful and healthy.


We are at the beginning of the bloom season for Boltonia. The plants have very sturdy stems, about 4 feet tall, and the flowers are small and fringey. Great for autumn bouquets.

Double Red Knockout
Double Red Knockout

This rose is also standing tall and continuing to bloom!  There are reasons to have new hybrid roses in the garden, especially if they are this hardy and trouble free.

We have enjoyed the Heath Fair and the Franklin County Fair, so this year, for the very first time, we decided to go to the Big E.  This is the Eastern States Exposition with acres of fun for all. Less agricultural stuff than I thought, but we found enough.

UConn Dairy Club exhibit
UConn Dairy Club exhibit

The University of Connecticut still has a Dairy Club; they brought beautiful cows. There wasn’t too much other livestock because it was switchover day. Cows had left, but other cows had not yet arrived.

Each of the State buildings did have lots of promotion for their dairy farmers, and well as growers of cranberries, fruits, eggs, jams and jellies, beef, pork and ice cream Ben and Jerry, we love you!

Giant Pumpkin
Giant Pumpkin

Art Kacziniski of Erving, giant pumpkin grower, won 2nd prize at the Big E!  I think it was his giant pumpkin that broke the scale at the Franklin County Fair.

It was nice to see the 4-H exihibits and know that those kids are really busy and productive.

Actually we could see that a lot of kids are busy and productive. It was Westfield Day and in the daily parade we got to see lots of busy kids, several bands, gymnasts, Scouts and cheerleaders. It does give one hope in the future.

Big E cream puffs and eclairs
Big E cream puffs and eclairs

It was tough, but we did leave without stopping at the famous eclair and cream puff concession. The day was full enough.

Visit Katarina’s  Roses and Stuff and see what else is blooming on this Blooming Friday.

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  1. Rose

    Oh dear, now I can’t think of anything but wanting one of those eclairs:) I enjoyed this post so much–I belonged to the local 4-H for many years when I was young. It provided me with many great experiences, including going to the State Fair, and without 4-H, I doubt I would have learned to sew. Good to see that it is still active in other states as well.

    My garden is looking wind-blown, too, but my Knockout Roses are looking the best they have all season–no more Japanese beetles:)

    Beautiful photos for your Muse Day post. Are the leaves already turning there?

  2. admin

    Rose – Yes, the leaves are turning. I don’t have to turn very far to see a brilliant landscape. But there is more color to come – if the rain doesn’t remove all the leaves prematurely. It is raining again.

  3. Frances

    Hi Pat, I’m like Rose, the cream puffs and eclairs zapped my brain! How could you pass them up, what will power! The leaves in your area are just amazing. It will be a while before we see anything even close to those colors, but love seeing your captures. And yes, there is great hope for the future with the young people of the 4-H and bands. 🙂

  4. commonweeder

    Frances – Henry keeps me on the straight and narrow and we were both going on to other events that involved more food. When the sun shines on the leaves we are surrounded by glory.

  5. Caylei

    Nice pictures of our dairy heifers from the UConn Dairy club. The brown heifer in that photo is “Constance”. Thanks for the photo, it was nice to see!!

  6. admin

    Caylei – Thanks for visiting. We thought all your heifers were beautiful.

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