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Art Kaczenski's winner in 2009

Did you know that growing and exhibiting giant vegetables is a popular competitive sport?  I don’t have photos of Art Kaczenski’s 2010 Second Place Winner at the Big E’s Giant Pumpkin competition, but once again he took second place with a giant pumpkin weighing 993 pounds. His wife Amanda Kaczenski took third place this year with a giant pumpkin weighing 927 pounds.  The First Prize winner was Daniel Boyce of Vermont with a giant pumpkin weighing 1,254 pounds, a new record.

The Giant Pumpkin Club of Franklin County was well represented at the Big E. Lou Chadwick’s giant pumpkin weighed 793 pounds, 100 pounds more than they estimated.  Larry French of Phillipston had a pumpkin weighing 731 pounds, and Tom Brouillet ‘s pumpkin weighed 549 pounds.

Giant Pumpkin growers are really interested in other giant vegetables and the Big E is the place to show off. The Franklin County Club took First, Second and Third prizes in the Giant Squash competition. Sue Chadwick’s giant squash weighed 445 pounds, Denis Brennan’s weighed 298 pounds and Ken Magdycz’s weighed 221 pounds. Congratulations to them all.

Their prize winning prowess would not have been a surprise to those who attended the Franklin County Fair because they took First, Second and Third prizes for giant pumpkins there. Art had the biggest giant pumpkin at 781 pounds, Larry French’s pumpkin weighed 744 pounds and Ken Magdycz’s pumpkin weighed  649 pounds. Lu and Sue Chadwick’s pumpkins weighed  645 and 587 respectively.

Now it’s on to Topsfield where the biggies (pun intended) compete. Stay tuned.

Click here to read about the time I attended a Club meeting and got some good tips about growing giant vegetables. If you are interested in joining the club give Lu and Sue Chadwick a call, 413-773-3283. They’ll keep you apprised of giant pumpkin regattas and how to prepare your pumpkin for the race – and all the other kinds of fun you can have with vegetables.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    I can just imagine the anticipation all the growing season as the people watch these giants grow.

  2. Pat

    Lisa – and just imagine what they might do with these pumpkins – besides win prizes. They might hollow them out and sail them in a regatta race!

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