The Flower of American Womanhood

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On Veteran’s Day the Shelburne Falls Area Women’s Club, and the greater community, celebrated some of the women who have served in the Armed Forces. The women on the panel above, left to right, are Georgette Devine (Marines 1944-46), Trice Heyer (Army nurse 1967-72), Sandra Lucentini (Air Force 1988-92), and Sandra Magill who is still serving as a Reservist after 27 years in the Navy.

It was luck that we got to hear stories from four of the Services and hear how things have changed for women over the decades. Georgette was a mechanic, but a girdle was part of the uniform during WWII. Trice served as a nurse in Saigon and she reminded us that you don’t have to be on the battlefield to be deeply affected by war and feel the effects for years. Sandra Lucentini was sent to language school for a year, then recieved additional training in Russian and cryptography before being sent to Berlin right after the Wall came down. She was able to see the radical changes in Germany unfold. These women were all young when they enlisted, and though patriotic, they were looking for adventure as well.  Sandra Magill was a local high school teacher but it didn’t take much of a push to get her to enlist in the Navy. She was sworn in two days before her 35th birthday. Three days later and she would have been too old!

All three women served at historic moments, and they had stories to tell.  I was honored to be there for a wonderful evening.

On this Blooming Friday I celebrate these women who continue to bloom and make a difference in our community.

This potted annual verbena is the sole flower I have blooming outside on this Blooming Friday, but if you visit Katarina at Roses and Stuff you’ll find gardeners who may have a milder climate or more skill than I do.

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  1. Tinky

    Sounds like a wonderful event. Thanks for sharing these very special blooms………

  2. commonweeder

    Tinky – The stories they had were fascinating.

  3. Mattenylou

    I think it’s great these women were recognzed locally, it must have been an interesting presentation. I would love to hear their stories.

  4. Sunny

    This is way more helpful than aythinng else I’ve looked at.

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