Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – October 15, 2021

Hydrangea ‘Firelight’

I’m not sure how we got to October with blooms! It’s been hot! The rains have been torrential. Nothing was sure. We don’t have a lot of blooms, but we  begin Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day with my ‘Firelight’ hydrangea. The name is because it gets pinker and pinker in the fall. the ‘Fire’ in Firelight is slightly exaggerated, but it is wonderful to  watch the shades of ‘red’ increase through the  fall.

‘The Fairy’ rose

‘The Fairy’ rose is a wonderful rose. It is not too tall, but gets very bushy and gives us beautiful flowers all season long. This was a hard year what with heat and torrential rains, but there is a magic that keeps her blooming. The other rose bushes just give me a few blossoms – from time to time.

Sheffield daisies – Sheffies

I love Sheffies because they bloom for  such a long time in the fall. I was a little annoyed this year because they usually bloom beginning in September and continue blooming through October. This year they just started blooming in mid-October!  I blame the weather, but I doubt they will bloom into the end of November.

English Holly

This English Holly seems a little early this year. Maybe she was in  a hurry to join the winterberries which start making berries very early.

Red winterberry

Winterberries are swamp plants. I planted them in  the garden because it is a swamp, and I do love the way they look. They do not get as big as English hollies.

Golden winterberry

I did not know there was such a thing as a golden winterberry. However, one day a friend and I were at the plant center and two golden winterberries were being brought out. We each took one and have been very happy. Needless to say we both have a male winterberry. That male even provides for my next door neighbor who bought a red winterberry after she saw mine.

Wild aster

I call this a wild aster because I didn’t plant it. Here it is growing  in the hellstrip, but there are similar little asters that popped up in  the back garden. It is Bloom Day for them too!

Purple aster

These asters started slowly at the beginning of the season, and they are still thriving.

Firelight hydrangea and Alma Potchke aster

Some plants are a little floppy, but I like these two hugging.

Autumn bouquet

I am not a great bouquet maker but because this year has been so here and there, I thought I’d gather the bits and pieces and let them feel magnificent!

I thank Carol  for Garden Bloom Day. She always  inspires me to continue and to make the best of things. I don’t know  if there will be any blooms on November’s Bloom Day.

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  1. hettypress

    that’s a beautiful bouquet – esp the japanese anemones

  2. Lea's Menagerie

    Beautiful photos!
    Love the arrangement in the vase – it’s great!
    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!

  3. plantbirdwoman

    That hydrangea is just gorgeous and I love the look of the winterberries. As for the bouquet, you look like a pro to me!

  4. Kris P

    I love all the soft pinks, especially the Sheffield daisies, which I’ve long admired. I’ve never seen them growing in my climate and our local nurseries never offer these Chrysanthemums so I suspect they wouldn’t survive my climate.

  5. Pat

    Kris – Thanks for visiting. I’d be happy to send you Sheffield roots. This is such an eager plant I can’t believe it won’t grow anywhere.

  6. Pat

    Plantbirdwoman – Thanks for visiting. I think the hydrangeas are pretty great. Of course one big reason for having winterberries is because my garden is such a swamp – which winterberries like!

  7. Alana Mautone

    So pretty in pink and purple! I enjoyed all your flowers, but I especially enjoyed your bouquet. I would disagree with your skills assessment.

  8. Patricia Evans

    Lovely blooms in your garden. I thought you were from the southern hemisphere because the link on Carol’s Boom Day post took me to your May 15 posting. I’m happy I went to your home page and found this month’s post.

  9. Pat

    Pat – I’m glad you visited an earlier post as well. Aside from a few years in NYC (and two unusual years in Beijing) I have been a devoted New Englander. I’m glad you visited.

  10. Pat

    Alana – You area very generous – so thank you. It is fun to try and put a bouquet together. Happy Bloom Day!

  11. Pat

    Lea – Thanks for the bouquet affection. I do like putting bouquets together. Happy Bloom Day!

  12. Pat

    Hetty – It looks like my reply to you did not arrive. Thanks for visiting – and enjoying the bouquet. I did want to mention that my Japanese anemones are no longer blooming, and I think you might be enjoying the pink Sheffies – Sheffield daisies – that always bloom so energetically in the fall.

  13. hettypress

    Yes and why Sheffield I wonder – I’ve been to Sheffield UK but not Sheffield MA

  14. hettypress

    I just watered someone’s garden and they have one nice stand of white anemones but I like the pink edged ones and you are right that means the Sheffies would work well

  15. Pat

    Hetty – You will love those late blooming Sheffield daisies – and they are energetic and will increase.

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