Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – October 15, 2020

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Alma Potchke, aster, bowing low and weary after heavy rains

On this Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day, a number of flowers like the Alma Potchke aster are beaten down by 24 hours of rain, often heavy rains. Even so we are enjoying Alma Potchke and other flowers and celebrating that much needed rain.

Red winterberries, are beautiful and attractive to many birds.
Golden winterberries, equally appealing to birds

I love the winterberries because they provide so much lasting color as other plants fade away and prepare  for their winter sleep.

The Fire Light hydrangea, gets deeper red color every day.

The other two hydrangeas, Lime Light and Angel’s Blush are also blooming – and will  continue to give us a little color until winter.

Sheffield daisies, otherwise known as Sheffies

Sheffies are a wonderful plant. While in bud they just lie around until you they will never bloom – and yet as  October begins they finally wake up and bloom for at least a month, when nothing else is blooming in my garden.

Brother Cadfael rose

We planted the Brother Cadfael rose this spring. With such a dry summer it has grown slowly, even with watering, but we get a special bloom as an autumnal gift.

Griffith Buck Folksinger rose, with Thomas Affleck in the background.

I can only get a few of  these roses in a single photo, but there are a number of Folksingers and the virile Thomas Affleck blooming.   Other roses that have a few blooms are The Fairy, Knockout Red, and Purple Rain. I treasure them all, but the season is nearly done.


And finally, zinnias in bloom and quite rowdy. How lucky we are.

I thank Carol over at May Dreams Gardens for giving us all the chance to show off our gardens and share the fun we all have.

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  1. Dee Nash

    Pat, you and I have similar fall flowers blooming. That always amazes me since we live so far apart. Happy Bloom Day my friend.~~Dee

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