Boy Number 4

  • Post published:08/06/2008
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Tynan Matthews arrived for his turn at End of the Road Farm. Anthony and Drew took him out into the field to show him the tree fort. Tynan made himself right at home.

Of course, Tynan wanted to do everything the other boys did. He made chocolate chip cookies. Why is it that boys always want to bake chocolate chip cookies. Ty made one that was six inches across. We ate it so fast we didn’t even get a photo.

There were also chores. The other boys left (but will return for the Heath Fair) and Ty has to take over the chores, like feeding the worms. They like apple peels and cores, and they require crushed egg shells. Did you know that worms need grit to digest their food? Egg shells give them grit AND the calcium carbonate that is necessary for them to reproduce. Our 1000 worm population should double in 3 months.
Right now it is raining and pouring so we are off to Mass MoCa (Museum of Contemporary Art) in North Adams. Tynan wants to see those upside down paintings made from spools of thread.

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