Another Day, 2 More Boys

  • Post published:07/26/2008
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Anthony (almost 12) and Drew (10) up from Texas joined Rory. They found out there is a LOT to do at the End of the Road. Put away those cards!

Rory started working on the worm farm. Now it’s Anthony’s turn to drill some air holes.

Drew wasn’t sure he liked the drill, but he took his turn and did his duty. Of course, there is more to a worm farm than a bin and air holes.

We took a trip to our neighbor’s house. Paul always has a nice big pile of leaves.

Then the leaves have to go into the bin.

Then dirt and compost have to go into the bin. The worms are supposed to be delivered by UPS this afternoon and we need to be ready.

Next on the docket is baking cookies to bring to the Friends of the Heath Library potluck tonight. But – no chocolate bits. We need to go to Avery’s General Store.

It’s hard to get through a day without a trip to Avery’s. What do you need? Milk? Bread? Steak? Barn boots? A garden hat? Pajamas? Screws? Paint? Office supplies? A new deck of cards? A lamp? A toaster? Hummingbird feeder? Chocolate bits! Honey! Decoupage foam paintbrushes! Soup for lunch!

After stocking up at Avery’s we thought we’d stop up at the Bog in Rowe. Pitcher plants grow there and Drew had never seen them. Lots of discussion about the biology and dangers of bogs.

Finally, we start mixing up those cookies!

Drew forgot how stiff the dough gets when you’ve added all the flour.

While the cookies were baking, the boys went out – and found a snake. Definitley a catch and release program.

We took the cookies to the Potluck and they were a great success.

But wildlife is everywhere. The boys found a red eft outside the Party Barn (it used to have sheep) while they were exploring between courses.

While we were at the Potluck, the worms were delivered. The UPS man must have been working overtime. The worms cannot wait any longer.

Into their new home. They are tiny baby worms. One pound. 1000 worms. Approximately. And now to bed for all of us. Can you believe we all fall asleep pretty fast.

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